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Who We Are

EFT Global has been active for 30 years in the field of fuel conditioners (to be precise, fuel conditioner), with many collaborations in the field of shipping, transportation, energy production, heavy-duty machinery, refineries, burners, but also private and public vehicles. It provides technologies that increase efficiency and economy, while reducing harmful exhaust fumes that pollute our planet and the air we breathe. Its goal is to bridge the gap between the ever-increasing and complex mechanical technology and the controversial quality of available fuels.


We are the European representatives of EFT Global and we are members of the EFT Greece team .


We have 5 products:


1 - Mega Diesel 2000

        Super-concentrated diesel improver with a ratio of 1 liter to 2000 liters of fuel (Mega Diesel 2000)


2 - Heavy 3000 - Heavy 500

Heavy-duty oil improver suitable for heating as well as for VLSFO 0.5 S oil (mainly heavy shipping fuel tanks), with a ratio of 1 liter to 3,000 liters of fuel. It is also used in burners with significant consumption benefits.


3 - Shock Shot - Mega Shock

Special fuel optimization formula for gasoline engines, which aims to increase efficiency (torque / horsepower) and engine economy as well as cleaning the fuel system and reducing harmful pollutants.


4 - Diesel Shock - Mega Diesl Shock    

         Diesel improver that aims to significantly increase the efficiency and economy of the engine as well as the cleaning of the               fuel  system and the reduction of harmful pollutants.  

5 - Power Pill Plus

        Gasoline and diesel improver for up to 40 liters tanks. The absolute value for money product.



They have nothing to do with common commercial additives.

Each consists mainly of long-chain hydrocarbons, which mix much better with the fuel hydrocarbons, rather than complex chemicals or synthetics, which produce additional harmful emissions to humans and the environment. As a result, non-harmful exhaust gases are emitted while at the same time increased fuel economy is achieved.

  • Decomposes large fuel molecules into smaller ones, improving fuel fluidity. By mixing the fuel better with the air is achieved: better combustion - increased torque - horsepower and reduction of consumption and non-combustible hydrocarbons, so less exhaust gases and less pollutants.

  • Inactivates the negative effects of sulfur (both for the engine and the environment) and prevents water from mixing with the sulfur compounds in the fuel which create sulfuric acids and sulfur dioxide during combustion, with all the negative which implies this.

  • Homogenizes water with fuel resulting in the elimination of fungi created in the water and oil interface, keeping the fuel system and mechanical parts of the engine clean.



Practical benefits:


Consumption reduction

Increased torque - horsepower

Pump lubrication

Cleaning of supply system and combustion chamber

Protection against acids, rust and fungi

Reduction of maintenance costs

Pollution reduction


Fuel economy and power improvement amount to 12-25% (depending on the type of engine, the hours-km-miles it has and the quality of maintenance it has undergone).

The extension in the replacement of mechanical parts to 50%.

Reduction of pollutants and harmful exhaust gases (carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides), up to 80%.

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