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Frequent questions


1) What do I gain when I use EFT products?

Using power pill plus or fp 4000 we observe that the car can maintain the same speed on the highway (100 km in this case with the motor caravan of the official test), with less load on the engine (accelerator pedal press). This means that the energy content of the fuel is better utilized by the engine. Simply put, it burns better in the combustion chamber. In other words, we extract more energy from our fuel (diesel in this case) and at the same time reduce the unburned mixture in the exhaust. So we have a reduction of exhaust gases (mainly soot). Conclusion: The use of EFT products offers better utilization of combustion. This translates into increased performance, reduced fuel consumption (when driving with the same driving style as before, which is difficult as it requires discipline) and reduced emissions! In addition, we keep the fuel circuit clean and prevent and, according to repeated reports, heal damage caused by "watery" fuels.

2) Correct consumption assessment:


As it is known on the one hand there is ignorance of the driver on how to measure and on the other hand theft of the amount of fuel supplied by many gas station owners, it is good to say the following ?: To properly assess the fuel consumption of my vehicle I must follow the following steps: 1. The absolute measurement is made at a constant speed, (at the speed when the engine releases its torque). I fill the tank completely, not at the gas station, but with containers that have a liter level indication, eg 20-30 liters, until I fill the tank completely. I record how many liters I put and how many km the counter writes before I start to leave the refueling and I do the same for the next ones .. Because this is difficult and time consuming to do, I choose to fill at a specific gas station that says it steals at a fixed rate on fuel. It is very important that each measurement is made by filling the tank at exactly the same level as the next measurement, because if they have, for example, 2 liters difference in 50 liters, this translates into a 4% influence on the final evaluation ... imagine putting in a gas station steals 10% in quantity and in the next filling to put in a gas station that steals 3% ... so 7% difference + 4% difference in level = 11%. So for this we will meet customers who are slow to find different in consumption .. CONCLUSION: The more fillings I make (even though the above data are variable) the closer to reality will be the evaluation of the average benefit of the economy in consumption. That's why practically when I refuel or let 1 minute pass from the time the pump stops by itself, to defrost (all theft is based there) to add as much as needed! (this plays a big role). A little stability. It also offers me the automatic stop of the pump ... and we say small and somewhat because the oil foams in a changing way depending on the temperature of the tank. The reason we say all this is to understand that it is very rare (due to changing acceleration, foot stability, changing load) from 1-2 fills to come to a conclusion about the final economy offered by our products.


3) Is it possible to have an improvement in combustion, consumption and cleaning of the engine from hydrocarbon through hydrogen?

Here we are talking about the devices that produce hydrogen and use it both to improve combustion and to clean the engine. But hydrogen to be produced requires electrolysis which is done using electricity. For this to happen, it puts the dynamo into a process of working harder. In other words, it steals disproportionately more energy from the engine than it delivers to it through combustion, since in every energy conversion we never have absolute efficiency, let alone in electrolysis which is not at all efficient as a method of hydrogen production. The result of all this is to increase instead of decreasing consumption! The engine clears to some extent but if there is no return residue evaluation tank or even an exhaust gas analyzer for comparison before and after the procedure, any result is non-existent or the usual placebo effect (because I paid and was convinced of brainwashing, so it should work. .)

4) If e.g. I treat 15 refills with EFT products, then I will need EFT in my tank forever;

Using EFT fuel improvers we achieve improved fuel combustion and thus increase efficiency, economy and reduction of harmful exhaust gases as well as cleaning of the combustion chamber, fuel supply system (pumps, filters and injectors), the turbocharger filter and the retaining filter. .

Stopping treatment with EFT improver will clean the engine and fuel system for several refills, but the benefits of increased efficiency due to better fuel combustion will not be present. There will certainly be improved combustion in the beginning because the engine and power supply will have been cleaned but the consumption trend will be to run again as the engine gets dirty from the common unimproved and possibly illegal fuel deposits of the gas stations. So you will need us again immediately !!

Dosage tips for immediate results: 4- fold dose for the first 2 fillings, 2-fold for the next 2 and then a regular single dose for maintenance and economy ..

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