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To HEAVY DIESEL 3000 is a highly efficient and concentrated improver heavy fuels (bunker fuels) and heating oil. When added to the fuel in the right proportions it significantly improves efficiency-economy and keeps the fuel system clean and reliable. HEAVY DIESEL 3000 is an improver specially designed to reduce deposits that cause damage to tanks , clean the fuel supply system , provide lubrication to moving parts and finally reduce harmful exhaust emissions.


The HEAVY DIESEL 3000 can be used to clean dirty and contaminated fuel supply systems , storage tanks , combustion chambers and burners . It cleans and controls the residues and suspensions present in the fuel and in this way the destruction of the filters as well as the creation of sediment in the tanks is prevented.

The HEAVY DIESEL 3000 contains highly efficient rust inhibitors to control corrosion in fuel tanks and power supplies.


HEAVY DIESEL 3000 is a 100% oil based improver and consists mainly of long chain hydrocarbons. For this reason it mixes much better with the hydrocarbons of the fuel, and does not contain harmful chemical cleaners that produce additional harmful emissions to humans and the environment.


In short, the HEAVY DIESEL 3000 :

  1. Improves fuel fluidity by breaking up large fuel molecules into smaller ones,. It mixes the fuel better with the air and in this way is achieved: better combustion - increased torque - horsepower and reduction of consumption as well as non- combustible hydrocarbons , so less exhaust gases and less pollutants .
  2. Inactivates the negative effects of sulfur (both for the engine and the environment) and prevents water from mixing with the sulfur compounds in the fuel which create sulfuric acids and sulfur dioxide during combustion, with all the negative which implies this.
  3. Homogenizes water with fuel resulting in the elimination of fungi that are created in the interface of water and oil, keeping the supply system and mechanical parts of the engine clean.
  4. Reduces rust-corrosion as well as the formation of sediments in the tanks.
  5. Provides lubrication and protection to mechanical parts - extends the life of mechanical parts.
  6. Ideal for use in burners.


1 liter of HEAVY DIESEL 3000 is mixed in up to 3000 liters of fuel.








HEAVY DIESEL 3000 (Heavy petroleum improver for burners - shipping)

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