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The best and most effective octane booster in the world! With a ratio of only 1%, it increases the octane by 1 2 units . It is used by the state refineries in Dubai, by well-known racing teams of motor sports and by recognized developers and developers of our country!

Because the number of octane is a measurable or measurable measure of the fuel's ability to resist self-ignition, the higher the fuel's octane, the harder it is to self-ignite, which translates into higher safe pressures, greater avant-garde or larger !!

In essence, we are talking about the only octane enhancer in the global market that raises the octane by 12 points with every 1% addition to the 100ara petrol. Example: 200ml at 20 liters converts 100ara to 112 octane , with 300ml at 20 liters 118 and with 400 ml (ie with a ratio of only 2.5% ) you have a fuel of 124 octane! It is the perfect ratio to see up to 10 degrees Celsius (cf) returns zero, or with the same avant-garde goal to increase the pressure by up to 40% without self-ignition!

Caution: we do not recommend a higher ratio of 2.5-3% maximum, because after 125-130 octane it is necessary to use oxygen to increase the heating power of the fuel!

Octane Booster (Octane booster) for 40 liters of unleaded

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