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Each pill for up to 40  liters of fuel (gasoline - diesel). It breaks in the middle.

The package includes 10  pills.


The Power Pill Plus 40 is a revolutionary product with multiple benefits for all types of diesel and gasoline engines! It is a highly refined, pure petroleum product of exceptional quality, with a molecular structure consisting of long hydrocarbon chains. It is produced in a high vacuum, and by refining at high temperatures beyond the usual refining practices used by the "competition". It is a fuel improver and cleaner that also acts as a water salting agent , preventing damage to the injectors and the combustion chamber caused by "watery fuels".  . Power Pill Plus 40 , composed of a hydrocarbon composition, acts as a fuel improver and not as an additive. The tablets dissolve completely in the fuel and contribute to cleaner combustion engines, more efficient and longer lasting engines, with a huge reduction in fuel consumption and the emission of harmful gases to humans and the environment!




1. Significantly reduces fuel consumption (up to 30% in older engines and from 10-20% in more modern).


2. Cleans the fuel supply system (pumps, injectors)


3. Cleans the engine of deposits on valves and pistons


4. Cleans the EGR and the DPF microparticle filter which with constant use  EFT Power Pill Plus 40 does not need to go into regeneration process after countless tests !!


5 . Provides lubrication for all moving parts of the fuel supply. it also does not dry out the engine with whatever catastrophic this entails.


6. Reduces maintenance costs by up to 50% as it keeps clean spare parts that need frequent replacement. In fact, they exclude the possibility of damaging the expensive mechanical parts of the engine (injectors, pistons, cylinders) as well as the replacement of expensive spare parts (eg DPF and EGR )


7. Reduces exhaust emissions by up to 70% after repeated tests, due to optimal combustion! Reduces soot or turbidity in diesel engines as well as reduces nitrogen and carbon monoxide and in general nitrogen oxides which are the most carcinogenic. Due to the reduction of consumption, the carbon dioxide is also reduced, which is the main gas for the greenhouse effect. The use of eft products helps to reduce all harmful substances to humans and the environment. In fact, after repeated tests, vehicles with many kilometers that were impossible to pass KTEO, after using Power Pill Plus , passed normally!


8. It increases the torque and therefore the horsepower especially in cars with high compressions and pressures with turbo.


9. Helps to better burn the mixture which now becomes more efficient and complete. 


10. In addition to cleaners it contains water emulsifier. This helps to remove water from the tank, which creates microorganisms and slime which clog the injectors and make combustion difficult!




CAUTION! does not contain lead or tulle that is included in several products, which immediately wear the injectors and dry the engine!





The unique nanotechnology  Power  EFT Pill Plus , also has something unique for the global market! Combines all the above areas in a single formula! To achieve this with competing products, I would have to spend a lot more money to buy one item for each individual target, which again would be much less action-force-performance .





Power Pill Plus 40 (Gasoline and Diesel Formula for up to 40 liters of fuel)

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