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SHOCK SHOT is the ABSOLUTE IMPROVING FUEL FORMULATION for gasoline engines , which aims to increase the efficiency and economy of the engine as well as to clean the fuel system and reduce harmful pollutants.


For 50 liters of unleaded.




1. SIGNIFICANTLY reduces FUEL CONSUMPTION (increase autonomy up to 30% in older engines and from 10-20% in the most modern).


2. Improves the combustion of the mixture (gasoline-air) which now becomes more efficient and complete resulting in an increase in torque - horsepower.


3. Raises the OCTANIA and increases the torque-horsepower more in cars with turbo and high compressions and prevents catastrophic pre-ignitions (fires)


4. Cleans the fuel supply system (pumps, injectors)


5. Cleans the engine of deposits on valves and pistons.


6. Cleans the catalytic converter and helps keep it clean.


7 . Provides lubrication for all moving parts of the fuel supply.


8. Reduces maintenance costs significantly as it keeps clean spare parts that need frequent replacement.


9. Significantly reduces harmful emissions (up to 80% in older engines with many km) due to optimal combustion! It significantly reduces nitrogen and carbon monoxide and in general nitrogen oxides which are the most carcinogenic. Due to the reduction of consumption, the carbon dioxide is also reduced, which is the main gas for the greenhouse effect. The use of EFT products helps to reduce all harmful substances to humans and the environment. In fact, after repeated tests, vehicles with many kilometers that were impossible to pass KTEO, after using SHOCK SHOT , passed normally!


10. In addition to cleaners it contains water emulsifier . This helps to remove water from the tank, which creates microorganisms and slime which clog the injectors and make combustion difficult!


CAUTION! does not contain lead or tuluene which is included in several products, which immediately wear out the injectors and dry the engine!




SHOCK SHOT (for unleaded)

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